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I have two domain models:

class Resource{
   String name

   static mapping = {
                 sort name:"asc"

class ResourceGroup{
   String groupName

   static hasMany = [resources: Resource]


def resGroups = ResourceGroup.findAll()
render (
        view: "index",
        model: [resourcegroups: resGroups]

so and now in my gsp:

<g:each in="${resourcegroups}" var="item" status="i">
   <g:each in="${item.resources}" var="res" status="y">

my Question is how can I sort this "item.resources"? this is a persistent set of hibernate! I thought this could be handled with the mapping sort name: 'asc', but it doesn't work :-(

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You cannot have a default sort on a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship. See documentation here, paying particular attention to the note at the bottom that says:

These mappings will not work for default unidirectional one-to-many or many-to-many relationships because they involve a join table. See this issue for more details. Consider using a SortedSet or queries with sort parameters to fetch the data you need.

The default sort you have specified actually does sort a list of Resource objects (i.e. if you got the list like this Resource.getAll() the list would be sort in the order you specified).

To do what you want consider creating a tab lib as Don suggests here.

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try item.resources.sort { it.name } for "asc",

or item.resources.sort { it.name }.reverse() for "desc".

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