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In my rails 3 app I'm making, I have a model called homeBase. The class names for this (controller/model) are homeBase for both - not pluralized for the controller. Yet the file names were made home_base_controller and home_base.rb I'm having a very tough time getting the pathing to work for this and other models with a compound name. Every time I try to use the controller, I'm told it's uninitialized. Are there some black magic rules for using compound words as names in rails?

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Is there any reason that you're not following the usual naming scheme? –  mu is too short Dec 9 '11 at 2:34
Ive redone things with what I believe is the scheme rails demands - model HomeBase (home_base) and controller HomeBases (home_bases). However, I can't get pathing right either. new_home_base_path fails. How would I refer to a path then? –  Adam Dec 9 '11 at 4:47

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Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Rails is an opinionated framework and has specific opinions on how these things should be dealt with. Here is a sampling of relevant Rails conventions:

Class (model) names are singular, capitalized camel case. In your case, the model should be called HomeBase.

Controllers (being ruby classes themselves) are also defined as capitalized camel case, but the referenced model is plural. In your case, the controller should be called HomeBasesController.

File names always use lowercase, underscored notation. In your case, the file holding class HomeBase < ActiveRecord::Base should be in app/models/home_base.rb and the file holding class HomeBasesController < ApplicationController should be in app/controllers/home_bases_controller.rb

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