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I have the following R program where df.1 and df.2 have a different number of rows and ItemIndex is unique in each data frame:

df.1 = data.frame(ItemName = ItemNameVector, ItemIndex = ItemIndexVector)
df.1.len = length(df$ItemName)

df.2 = data.frame(ItemIndex = ItemIndexVector2)

ret = vector(length = df.1.ret)
for( i in 1:df.1.len ) {
  index = df.1[i, "ItemIndex"]
  ret[i] = df.2[df.1$ItemIndex == index, "ItemName"]

In other words I want to find all df.1 ItemName values where df.1 ItemIndex match df.2 ItemIndex. ItemIndex values are unique, but they are not the same in df.1 and df.2.

I think there is something with merge(), but I wasn't able to make it work for selective cases based on the value of each field.

What is the simplest way to do this in R?

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This is answer to your question (your code returns data from df.2 not df.1).

subset(df.1, ItemIndex %in% df.2$ItemIndex, select=ItemName)
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This is untested, since your example is not reproducible, but I think you may be looking for match (ironically enough):

ret <- df.2$ItemName[match(df.1$ItemIndex, df.2$ItemIndex)]

Note that match returns the position of the first match, so this is using your assumption of uniqueness of ItemIndex.

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Thanks. Precisely what I was looking for. – Robert Kubrick Dec 9 '11 at 14:07

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