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I'm facing a problem where I need to provide a search functionality where a user can supply "as much information as he/she knows". This dataset should then be matched against different lookup tables to determine if I reliably can associate it against one of our local id's. e.g If we have a record for this search query. Most of the fields are fuzzy.

Example: One field could be name (where the user only have the first name) and another street where the user only have the street number.

The dataset is of medium size (~10M entries).

What is the best approche for this problem? SQL + soundex? lucene?


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This question is already a bit old. I'm searching for something similar. What are you using now? – Albert Oct 7 '12 at 21:22

You can score documents in Lucene and compare similarity. Inverted index tool like Lucene should be faster and much more scalable than traditional key-value lookups in SQL.

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