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I always use rsync command for backup below.

$ rsync -auvvz source_dir destination_dir

To increase verbosity, I use option v. But, in this case, there is too many logs to pick up new updated file log at console.


hgoe/foo/foo/test1 is uptodate
hgoe/foo/foo/test2 <- I want to pick up logs like this.
hgoe/foo/foo/test3 is uptodate

How to pick up the logs ?

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So? Does it not solve your problem ? –  Joao Figueiredo Dec 14 '11 at 10:18

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Ugly but working hack,

rsync -auvvz source_dir destination_dir| grep -vE '(sending incremental file list|delta-transmission disabled| is uptodate|total: matches=| bytes/sec| speedup is |^$)'

grep -v corresponds to the --invert-match option,

while -E, to the --extended-regexp one

^$ removes a blank line,

the other patterns are all included in the default output for rsync -auvvz

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