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I have the following div and I know the selector Id of the DIV.

 <div class="event"><img src="/Content/Images/Icons/calendar16.png">Event Name</div>

but I don't know what the image is. I need something to find the image selector inside the div that i have so i can go change the source of the image to a new image.

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$('.event').children('img').attr('src', '<source here>');

This selects all the elements with the event class and then finds their children img elements. If you have multiple matches and want to change their sources differently then you can use $.each() to iterate through them.

A demo:

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$('div.event img').attr('src', '/anything');

If you have several divs with event as the class you're better off selecting the div by id if you don't want to change the source of all the images

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