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So I have tried all types of combinations, but I want to sort the titles of a vector and I can not get to them My question is how do I get the sort to work with the title?

  class Seminar


        Seminar(int number = 0, string date = "yyyy-mm-dd" , string title = "")
          Number = number;
          Date = date;
          Title = title;

        int get_number() const {return Number; }
        string get_date() const {return Date; }
        string get_title() const {return Title; }

        int Number;     // Seminar number
        string Date;      // Date of Seminar
        string Title;   // Title of Seminar

To make the long story short the program will read a file and push the information into the vector. For example:

    Seminar s(integers, calendar, line);


vector<Seminar> All;

vector<Seminar>::iterator it;

    if(Letter == "F" || Letter == "f")
        sort(All.begin(), All.end(), ?? );
        for(it = All.begin(); it != All.end(); it++)

                cout << it->get_title() << endl;

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You should learn about constructor initializer lists. –  Kerrek SB Dec 9 '11 at 10:24

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One simple way is to implement operator<() for your Seminar class; then the default sort algorithm will use it and do the right thing, something like this should work:

bool operator<(const Seminar &s1, const Seminar &s2) {
    return s1.get_title() < s2.get_title();
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thanks, I had used got it literally a minute before you replied –  user1072583 Dec 9 '11 at 2:48
Cool, you could still press "Accept"! –  Ernest Friedman-Hill Dec 9 '11 at 3:12

Something like the following is one way to do it. You'll have to use Sortfunc as a sort function predicate.

class Sortfunc : public std::binary_function<Seminar, Seminar, bool>


  bool operator()(Seminar lhs, Seminar rhs)
      // use '<' to sort ascending 
      // use '>' to sort descending
      return lhs.get_title() < rhs.get_title();
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