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Well I have created a web-based POS to take order. My question is how do I create a Java-Applet;

  1. Shows the HTML page & a Print button
  2. Print Order without prompting(no dialogue box)

Additional Information : It works like this. The waiter will key the orders from the computer(POS) , when they hit print, it will detect the I.P address of the printer in the kitchen,then print out the orders immediately without prompt. I am actually looking for reference/guide which can help me start on. Any Advise will be helpful as well. Thank you

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You cannot do that for security reasons. If you could, applets would already have become notorious for printing 10+ pages of 'special offers' when you visit unscrupulous web sites.

OTOH, if the client is willing to accept one prompt at applet start-up, you could digitally sign the code.

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hmm make sense =/ lol thank you –  Boon Ping Dec 12 '11 at 3:30
That digital signature approach sounds pretty awesome. I hadn't realized that it would be so easy to step outside the Java security sandbox. –  sarnold Dec 19 '11 at 3:16
@sarnold I prefer to use the services of the JNLP API where possible. Those applets (and applications) come to screen unprompted, but if the user/app. invokes a print, a dialog asking for 'print permissions' pops to screen. Like this demo. of the PrintService. It is a lot less scary than accepting a signed applet that can then do 'anything', like this properties applet. (Both apps. from my site, neither intended to cause havoc.) –  Andrew Thompson Dec 19 '11 at 3:40
Jeeze, I have to wait another 24 hours before I can award the bounty. Go figure. That's an amazing assortment of code you've constructed, an amazing resource. :) –  sarnold Dec 19 '11 at 21:44
It still could become more interesting -- Boon Ping, care to make the edits suggested elsewhere? :) –  sarnold Dec 21 '11 at 0:46
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There is a project that does HTML printing using HTML5 to render the contents to a PNG and Java to print directly, exactly as described in the original post. This project is called "qz-print" (previously called "jzebra") and it offers the digital signature in both self-signed (free) and trusted-signed (at a premium).

It also uses the signed JNLP files as Andrew Thompson has illustrated. (Thanks Andrew, your contributions to Java as a whole have been a great help to Java developers around the world).


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