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why does this regex fail to match:

(?<="Title" = "8:)[^"]*(?=")


"Title" = "8:something"
"Subject" = "8:"
"ARPCONTACT" = "8:something"
"Keywords" = "8:"

Its in excerpt from a visual studio setup project. It matches in the online tool i'm using but it doesn't match using Regex.Match()

Here's the code:

var productTitleRegex = @"(?<=""Title"" = ""8:)[^""]*(?="")";
var titleMatch = Regex.Match(content, productTitleRegex);

titleMatch.Success if false and value returns nothing


Maybe I'm just missing something when using Look ahead and look behind in .net regex? Because if I remove the lookarounds, this works but it matches the whole line, which I don't want. So I used lookarounds to just match the value I want.

Anyone else had a similar experience when using lookarounds in .net regex?

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I tested same with C# in VS2008 – Riju Dec 9 '11 at 5:09
right sorry, my bad. I was using the wrong input file all along :/ – Mel Dec 9 '11 at 6:02
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I tested your regex pattern with C# in VS2008, it found a match with "something" as value. looks like it is working fine. I also tested it with free tool downloaded from

enter image description here

However It won't work if your using RegEX with RegexOptions "IgnorePatternWhitespace"

    var productTitleRegex = @"(?<=""Title"" = ""8:)[^""]*(?="")";
    var titleMatch = Regex.Match(content, productTitleRegex, RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitespace);

in this case you won't get any match

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