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OK, I am having an issue with the filter toolbar retaining the filter values after clicking on the Refresh button at the bottom of the grid.

I have looked at numerous examples that do exactly that, clear the top filter toolbar fields to the default state (in the case of select list, to the first item in the list "Select..."), but I do not see any obvious difference between that code and mine

Values are being loaded into the filter toolbar drop down boxes via JSON request, and on selecting an item in the list the grid filters to the appropriate data.

The only thing that is not working is that the filter drop-down(s) do not clear the selected item upon clicking refresh grid.

Any ideas?

Not sure what code would help to post at this point, so I will post upon request


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Well, I have answered my own question :)

The issue turned out to be related to naming convention for column names and indexes.


Before fix:

{ name: ClientId', index: 'ClientOrganization.Client.ClientId', width: '125', stype: 'select', searchoptions: { sopt: ['eq'], dataUrl: '@Url.Action("GetClientListForFilter")'} },

After fix:

{ name: 'ClientOrganization.Client.ClientId', index: 'ClientOrganization.Client.ClientId', width: '125', stype: 'select', searchoptions: { sopt: ['eq'], dataUrl: '@Url.Action("GetClientListForFilter")'} },

Basically the name needed to be the same as the index to properly refresh. Not sure if this is expected behavior or not, but the fix works. ;)


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