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I am trying to directly import an SQL file from a SQLite database into Basic4Android. I exported a .sql file and then I loaded the SQL file into the Basic4Android assets in the IDE.

Then I put this in my Process_Globals

Dim access As SQL

However the application crashes immediately on load when I try to run this code.

There's two things that I think could be wrong:

  1. File.DirAssets is read-only and perhaps SQL can not be used from a read only directory. If that is the case then how else would I import an SQL file into the application.
  2. Possibly the databases are incompatible but I would think they should be compatible
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You do not need to export anything. Just copy the SQLite file to your project.

As you wrote it is not possible to open a database that is located in the assets folder. You should first copy it to a writable location. DBUtils can help you with this task.

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I'm sure this is not possible.

Open the .sql file in any text editor and you'll see it's a list of SQL statements.

An SQLite database file is an entirely different format as you'll see if you open it in a text editor.

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Thanks. I've just had a closer look at the SQL file and it makes sense that you can't import the statements. There should be a method somehow though to export a file from SQLite that can be used in B4A. –  jb11 Dec 9 '11 at 4:58
If you have phpMyAdmin installed then you can export a MySQL database to various formats - not just .sql format. CSV and XML are possible export formats - maybe they would be of use to you? –  Martin Pearman Dec 10 '11 at 5:16

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