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I created a new WCF Application. It has a svc file & a code behind, When I try to debug (F5) then I see the following.

  1. If svc file is open & press F5 then it opens the web browser
  2. If code behind file is currently open & press F5 then WCF Test client opens.

Why there are different behavior? I do not want to use Test Client, how to disable it in the app so that it would not come again.

Atul Sureka

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Open your project properties, go to the Debug tab, under start options you will see something like /client:"WcfTestClient.exe"

delete that line.

For a WCF Service Application and WCF Workflow Service Application you need to modify the .csproj.user file. A full write up can be found here.

The key part is

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This didn't work for me for VS 2013, I found my solution here:… – alan Feb 18 '14 at 21:23
Adding the property to the project file worked perfectly for me. Thanks! – user3750097 Apr 29 '15 at 12:39

Right Click WCF Project -> Select Properties -> Debug In Debug, you can see the Command Line arguments specified as /client:"WcfTestClient.exe" Removing this won't fire up the test client when you run the service.


Venkatarajan Arthanari

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There is not debug option as this is WCF Application project type. I went to WCF Project -> Select Properties --> Web --> There are some option to under "Start Action". However I could not find anything where "/Client:WCFTestClient.exe" as parameter is getting passed. – Atul Sureka Dec 9 '11 at 14:30
I just found that if I open the csproj file in notepad & remove set the value of EnableWcfTestClientForSVCDefaultValue to False then test client stops coming. However I could not get any option from UI to change the value of EnableWcfTestClientForSVCDefaultValue. Am I missing anything? – Atul Sureka Dec 9 '11 at 14:34

for future view ... when i was in a svc file, and hit f5, it always start this utility ... i try the param in the project file, don't work ...

then, in property, i change the setting in web, from Current page, to my default page :)

now i don't have this utility popping each time :)

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I have been down this road MANY times over the years at different companies.... I forget and I found this page and while it is good advise for some, not helpful for me.

What DID fix this for a WCF application for me is this:

Note:  Visual Studio 2013  FYI

1. Right click on the your WCF project and click Properties
2. Click on left "Web" link/tab  --> Notice the Start Action Section
3. Check Radio Button   "Specific page"   
4. Enter your .svc example   Service1.svc  
5. Set project as startup and either hit F5 or right click and debug
6. Now the WCF Test Client launches   (for me at least) 

Hope this helps someone else.

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