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Hi I am struggeling with the jquery validation.

I have a requirement to draw a form dynamically. Depending on the parameters that the users set up. I have to validate these input fields then when the user submits this form. I got it working by adding the class='required' to all the inputs that i want to validate.

This works 80%, it validates the first 6 fields on the page, but not the rest. On the fields that is not validated on form submit, i just need to click in the input with my mouse and then leave the input again, then the validation is fired.

Am i missing something with the validation.

Here is how i determine when/when not the field should be validated.

@Html.TextBoxFor(x => param.SelectedDate, new {@class = (!param.IsNullable) ? "required" : "", @id = param.Parameter.Name, coltype = "date" })

Like I Said it works, just not on the form submit, and not for all the fields.

please help

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This may be the same issue I had awhile back: Trouble getting unobtrusive validation working with mvc 3 on jquery ajax post

You may have to rebuild the validators since you added controls dynamically:

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thanks for the response, tried your code, but still no success. because the validation works on focus(),blur(), i created a function, that before form submit it focus and blur all the textboxes, probably not the best solution, but workable for now. here is the function if someone needs it function bnClick() { $(":text").each(function () { $(this).focus(); $(this).blur(); }); } –  Captain0 Dec 9 '11 at 7:59

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