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I have a simple function that is working in all browsers except for IE7.

$('.thumb-images .thumb-square span').click(function(){
    var target = $(this).attr("id");
    $('.main-images div').removeClass('selected');
    $('.main-images div#'+target).addClass('selected');

The URL of the example is here:

To give you a run down on the functionality - the thumbnails correlate to the larger image on the right. The first larger image is given a class of selected. When a thumbnail is clicked the class selected is removed and then it is added to the corresponding larger image.

If someone could give me some feedback, it would be great.



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Well, from what I can tell, it looks like you probably have multiple elements on your page with the same id. I am assuming this because of the way you have your code structured; the more simple and straightforward way of structuring your code to do what you want would be this:

$('.thumb-images .thumb-square span').click(function(){
    $('.main-images div').removeClass('selected');

Since you haven't done it that way, I would guess it's because you have a span with the same id as a div. Try giving them unique ids, and instead using some other attribute to match them up. That's probably why IE7 is having fits.

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Jake Feasel - Your answer was correct. The fact that I had multiple ID for both the thumbnail and the main image was the issue. I kept the ID on the thumbnail as the selector and then just converted the main image to a class and it all worked out fine. Thanks for your help. – Liam O'Toole Dec 23 '11 at 1:46
Cool - care to mark this as your answer, then? – Jake Feasel Dec 23 '11 at 1:57

There is an error in that given page in following code:

            autoFocusNextInput: true,
            constrainInput: false,
            changeMonth: true,
            changeYear: true,
            beforeShow: function(input, inst) { $('#ui-datepicker-div').addClass('show'); },
            dateFormat: 'yy/mm/dd',

You have an unwanted "," after the dateFormate value.

dateFormat: 'yy/mm/dd',

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This is very likely the issue. I've had trouble with IE 7 and trailing commas. Good catch! – Jake Feasel Dec 9 '11 at 22:19

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