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I'm developing a site in VS2008 on a machine running XP SP3 with IIS5. I've named the main page in each directory index.html to avoid the www.domain.tld/directory/pagename.ext scenario of specifying a full path, and also because these pages literally contain an index of the other pages in their directory.

When I debug on my local machine I get the dreaded "Directory Listing" page instead. I have confirmed that index.html is listed in the IIS Default Documents, and I've also tried moving it into the first position. No change. Uploading the site to a server running IIS7 produces the expected and desired results.

Is the problem because I have an older version of IIS? Is there a difference in how IIS operates when running locally instead of on a web server? Do I need to change a setting in web.config? Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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Did you make sure Enable Default Document is checked? IIS 5 ignores any webserver settings in your web.config so that shouldn't have anything to do with it.

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Yeah, I made sure it was checked. The Default Document settings are disabled when it's not checked, so if it hadn't been, I wouldn't have been able to move index.html to the first position. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. –  Bryan May 10 '09 at 2:22

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