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I need to implement the following functionality:

i> Multiple files needs to be uploaded sequentially.

ii> When one file is uploaded successfully , the next file in the list needs to start uploading.

iii> I need to implement the progressdialog too with the percentage of the file upload(getting refreshed).

Need hints/suggestions on how to begin the httpcommunication. Should I use Handler since I need to upload multiple files & also handle retry options incase of upload failure? I found out AsyncTask normally works for a single task , so is it worth implementing the above functionality using AsyncTask.

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I think You have to use Apache HTTPmime for uploading multiple files, With this you can upload multiple files at a once no need to make a sequence call of HttpClient's execute or Post method just make a one Call of HttpClient.

Also you can use AsyncTask so you don't need to Maintain Handler for this and you can easily display progress dialog while your files are uploading.. (This is my personal opinion choice is yours)

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