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I have the following model in my Django app:

class Group(models.model):

In my template, I want to display each group, along with a button underneath each. If the user is already in the group, I want to display a "Leave Group" button, and if they are not already in the group, I want to display a "Join Group" button.

What is the most efficient way to determine whether the currently logged in user is in each group? I would rather not query the db for each group that is displayed, which it seems would happen if I just did the following.

{% if user in group.users.all %}


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In your view, create a set of group IDs that this user is a part of. One of the main uses of set is membership testing.

user_group_set = set(current_user.group_set.values_list('id',flat=true))

Then pass it into your template context:

return render_to_response('template.html',{'user_group_set':user_group_set})

In your template, for each group use:

{% if group.id in user_group_set %}
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excellent, thanks. –  rolling stone Dec 9 '11 at 7:31

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