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I am searching for a jquery plugin to get a fogbugz like dropdown menu so that you can type in the dropdown menu.

This is what it should look like: ( the old video )

All the answers have been not giving me the typing part any other suggestions?

EDIT: I found something a bit like it: but there are a couple things that bug me: it doesn't select the whole string we clicking in the textbox and the dropbox doesn't show all options when clicking on the triangle

I found a working demo but its from ext :( not jquery... but it has all the features I neet

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Can you post a screenshot or URL of an example? Your question is really vague. –  a paid nerd May 9 '09 at 22:32
I updated my answer to show an option that includes the typing part. –  James Avery May 10 '09 at 18:43

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That's usually called a combobox, you can find a nice jQuery one here:

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but it doesn't have the writing part –  Thomaschaaf May 10 '09 at 7:19
changed the link to a better one (based on jQuery UI too) –  James Avery May 10 '09 at 11:36
Thanks a bunch I wanted to start writing my own tomorrow now I don't have to :) –  Thomaschaaf May 10 '09 at 20:07

I haven't found one yet that has both auto-complete and the combo drop down arrow. However, this plug-in is close.

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Try out the jQuery chosen library: They seem to work really well and fallback gracefully to normal selects.

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I just released a jQuery plugin that does exactly this called Improved Dropdown. It is posted in the plug-in library on the jQuery site. Here is a direct link to it.

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