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How to log SQL query while using iBatis with annotation.

public interface a {
  @Select(select * from tableName where id=#{id})
  public tablePojo getObject(@Param("id") String id);

How can I log what query iBatis is executing when id value is passed?

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You have to activate the logs for the java.sql package.

After you do that, you'll get the queries, parameters and rows in your logs.

If you are using Log4j for logging you could add something like this in the file:

log4j.rootLogger=fatal, consoleAppender, consoleAppender


You could also add a logger for org.apache.ibatis and see other additional stuff in the console:, consoleAppender
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If ure using maven, you need to add the "JAVA.UTIL.LOGGING" underlying SLF4J on maven, plus configure java logging, because mybatis dependency use by deafault the slf4j

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