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I am trying to use the vote_fu gem and I encounter a problem that other have as well, but I can't solve this with others' solutions..

I don't think the problem is related directly to the gem.. but rather to some wrong route or a missing parameter..

I have a Msg model which I included the act_as_voteable. For the User Model I added act_as_voter

In the Msg controller I added

def votefor
    @msg= Msg.find(params[:id])
    redirect_to :back

In routes:

 resources :msgs do
        member do
            post :votefor

And to the show of Msg I added

<%= link_to "Vote Up", votefor_msg_path(@msg), :method => :post %>

But when I click on the link created I get

Routing Error

No route matches [GET] "/msgs/1/votefor"

Why does it 'GET' instead of 'POST'? What am I missing?

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If I use Button_to everything works, but it doesn't make sense with the link_to.. – Nick Ginanto Dec 9 '11 at 9:56
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I think its very late to answer this question & I mostly think you must have figured it out... I ran into the same issue & I understood the reason why..

This is a sample comment from routes.rb

  # Sample resource route with options:
  #   resources :products do
  #     member do
  #       get 'short'
  #       post 'toggle'
  #     end

the post 'toggle' here is not the post-controller but :method => 'post'

link_to default uses :method => 'get' but you can override it using :method => 'post'

if u use link_to .. in the example without :method => 'post'

your routing should be

resources :msgs do
   member do
   get :votefor

Hope this helps!


For the doubt you have:

link_to with a :method => :post

use this

<%= link_to "Vote Up", votefor_msg_path(@msg), :method => :post %>

and in the routes it should be

resources :msgs do
       member do
       post :votefor

the post :votefor .. is :method => :post not the posts controller.

Do check for brady8's answer

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didn't quite understand. How do I use link_to with a POST and not a GET? – Nick Ginanto Mar 14 '12 at 17:54
I have edited & added an update! hope this helps! – gkolan Mar 15 '12 at 22:11

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