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I am looking for a Flex map solution which can be used for commercial purposes (Open source is fine as long as there is no restriction for commercial uses).

My requirements are mostly to show maps of US (Up to city level).

I couldn't find any pricing information for Google Maps API for Flash or Yahoo! Maps Flex API. Are they available to be used commercially ?

The ones I found were

  1. OpenScales
  2. amMaps Flex,
  3. Google Maps API for Flash - Flex (Deprecated)
  4. Yahoo Maps for Flex
  5. ArcGIS API for Flex
  6. MapQuest API Flash/Flex
  7. Fusion Maps

What other frameworks/libraries are present?

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I've enjoyed working with OpenScales, myself. It integrates nicely with other OSGeo solutions, and it's not difficult to roll your own bare-bones developments by linking OpenScales, PHP, and PostGREsql/PostGIS. Moreover, all those OSGeo products share a unity that is simply lost when you isolate yourself to the proprietary solutions. Case in point, Well Known Text (WKT).. You can use GDAL/OGR to push most any vector getdata (i.e. KML, shapefiles, personal geodatabases, GML, CSV, et cetera) into PostGREsql or MySQL, both of which can convert your vector geometries to WKT, and OpenScales can take that WKT and render vector geometries without any hassle. You cannot do that with Google, and I'm relatively sure you cannot with ESRI, though I can't speak confidently about Yahoo. If you wanted to use WKT solutions in Google or ESRI, you'd have to write your own functions to consume it (which is not difficult, but it underscores my point about the OSGeo solutions applying good old teamwork).

I don't recommend using either Yahoo or Google Maps Flash/Flex API at this point because both are deprecated and will eventually disappear. Plus, they would need to remain exposed to open internet; you can't lock them down behind a firewall, charge people to use them, or allow people to "make derivative works" (i.e. digitize things) from those services.

Moving on, take whatever you consider really expensive, cube it, and that's ArcGIS Server. Though, in ESRI's defense, their Flex Viewer can apparently be paired with GeoServer, as @GeoUX demonstrates. While this brings the cost down, I believe you'll be stuck with a massive E_S_R_I_ logo at the bottom right corner of all your maps.

MapQuest. I can't speak confidently about the MapQuest offering, but I did peruse their API a while back and it gave me a positive impression. MapQuest may be worth a serious look. Though, be sure to screen their Terms of Service to make sure your requirements won't be compromised.

I haven't heard/encountered your other two. I'll need to look into them.

Finally, have you ever heard of HyperGIS? Here's an example of HyperGIS in action.

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