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I'm a complete novice - sorry!

I have to be able to change the colour of text via three buttons (red, blue and black)

The function I have, which works fine is as follows:

function btn_click() {
$("#col1 p").css("color", "#00f");

I need to pass two variables to this function, the specific tag (e.g. col1 p) and the hex value from the following function call:

<input type="image" value="" class="but-blue" onclick="btn_click();" />

Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance. Steve

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Change script to:

function btn_click(selector, color) {
    $(selector).css("color", color);

And inline handler to:

<input type="image" value="" class="but-blue" onclick="btn_click('#col1 p','#00F');" />


But with jQuery you can do following:

<input type="image" value="" class="but-blue" data-selector="#col1 p" data-color="#00F" />

and jQuery script itself:

    $('input[type=image]').click(function() {
       var selector = $(this).data('selector');
       var color = $(this).data('color');

       $(selector).css("color", color);
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Since we are using jquery, though, we should bind the click handler to the DOM instead of using the onclick attribute. –  Thilo Dec 9 '11 at 7:55
Thanks, I've added sample with jQuery. –  Samich Dec 9 '11 at 7:58
Nice update, earned your +1 now :-) –  Thilo Dec 9 '11 at 7:58
+1 for showing how to do it right (second part). And you can bind event handlers the right way even without jQuery. –  kapa Dec 9 '11 at 8:01
Ah beat me. Nice update! Voted you up. –  Willem Mulder Dec 9 '11 at 8:04

If you want to go full-JQuery, do the Following

function btn_click(selector, color) {
    $(selector).css("color", color);

$("input").bind("click", function(event) {
    btn_click($(this).attr("goal-selector"), $(this).attr("goal-color"));

And then in your HTML

<input type="image" value="" class="but-blue" goal-selector="#col1 p" goal-color="#00f" />

Good luck :)

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Aren't this be better:

<input type="button" value="#00F" class="button-color"  />
<input type="button" value="#0FF" class="button-color"  />
<input type="button" value="#FFF" class="button-color"  />
<div id="you_need_to_change"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
$('.button-color').click(function(){$('#you_need_to_change").css("color", $(this).val())});
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something like this? :

function btn_click(selector, color) {
    $(selector).css("color", color);

and the onclick function would be:

<input type="image" value="" class="but-blue" onclick="btn_click('#col1 p','#00f');" />
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Simple as this

function btn_click(selector, color) {
    $(this).css(selector, color);

<input type="image" value="" class="but-blue" onclick="btn_click('color','#00f');" />
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  $("#urTextFiled").css("color", "#f00");

  $("#urTextFiled").css("color", "#0f0");

  $("#urTextFiled").css("color", "#00f");

# in jquery is used to catch an element on the basis of id value so all # related things should be the id of elements.

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