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I am using ItemFileWriteStore as store for the grid. when i tried to add the data to store using store.newItem() method, I am getting the below error.

 " Error: assertion failed in ItemFileWriteStore ".
can any one help me why i am getting this error?

Please find the code snippet:

   var tabledata={identifier:"TimeStamp",items:[]};
   var store=new{data:tabledata});

   var data=xhrpost();
   //data contains
// {"TimeStamp":"2011/12/07 04:37:29 ","UserName":" root ","Command":" ppm restart"}| //{"TimeStamp":"2011/12/07 05:02:14 ","UserName":" root ","Command":" ppm restart"}|
//{"TimeStamp":"2011/12/07 05:33:01 ","UserName":" root ","Command":" ppm restart"}|
//{"TimeStamp":"2011/12/07 06:18:17 ","UserName":" root ","Command":" ppm restart"}

    var arrdata=data.spilt("|");
   for(var i=0;i<arrdata.length;i++)
   //i am getting ajax response as text so i am converting to json
   var row=dojo.fromJson(data[i]);

regards, Kamesh

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data.spilt should be data.split, and in the for loop, you should do fromJson(arrdata[i]). Fix that and see if you still have a problem. – Frode Dec 9 '11 at 12:38

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