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I wrote a simple web application on ASP.NET MVC3 (for example, app1). And I now want to write a simple CMS for it (for example, app2).

How can I access to folder app1/Content/ from app2, if app2 is an independed application?

In the future I want to copy app2 to one of the folders of app1 (for example, app2 path will be C:/app1/app2/)

Is this approach correct for building sites in ASP.NET MVC3? If not, please, recomend a better approach!

Sorry for my English.

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First of all, yes, it's not a very good design choice.

If you need some common stuff between the 2 applications, you can use several approaches, the simpliest that comes to my mind is to define in each application a variable in app settings (inside the web.config) pointing to a folder or URL containing the common stuff and use that.

Same thing if you need to use the same DB from more applications: just use the same connection string.

If you really need to make the 2 apps work together for some reasons, you should make one single app and a viable solution could be to split it using Areas.

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You should use Area not a different project for simple usages. you can find more here

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for complex situations you can take a look at Orchard Project and the way it do that. –  Jani Dec 9 '11 at 9:10

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