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How can i check the size of multiple (all) folders to see where most of my diskspace goes? Is there a way to know why my diskspace is low without knowing where most storage is held?

To be short: I want to know where my diskspace is located, how can i do that. This can be a GUI application of commandline commands.. Hope somebody can help.. Thanks in advance.

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The command you are looking for is du

To get a graphical overview, install xdu

apt-get install xdu

and use:

du -k <directory> | xdu

That is, to view your entire file system

du -k / | xdu
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You have a few options, you could use the du utility (disk usage).

Or you could try invoking ls with the recursive option, a la ls -lR.

These are both commandline.

There is also a graphical disk usage analyzer, (or maybe more than one), which you should be able to locate from the commandline.

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