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I have been following this tutorial to install the database script using a setup. But it only works for the SQL login credentials.

Walkthrough: Using a Custom Action to Create a Database at Installation

How do I make this work with Windows Authentication credentials?

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The link is not working anymore – Oscar Castiblanco Dec 21 '12 at 10:34

for C# you can start below: see if you can get a connection to open. If you are not using localhost change it to server address.

public class SQLconn

      public  SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection("user id=xxx;" +
                                       "password=xxx;server=localhost;" +
                                       "Trusted_Connection=yes;" +
                                       "database=dbname; " +
                                       "connection timeout=30");

        public void connect(){




            catch (Exception e)

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