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I need to implement this functionality but I dont know to design and proceed on this.Please help me.

I have to import csv file from web ui. I used struts2(mvc)+spring(object injector) I have done this task. But now the i have to import asynchronously i.e at a time many imports it should support. How can I do it?

I have done R&D. I found quartz. But can i use this?

Consider, I have two buttons. Clicking on first button it will go to first page there i can able to import cat1 type csv file containing 20k items. Clicking on second button it will go to another page there i can import cat2 type csv file containg 20k items.

How do i can implement it. Now its happening like at a time only one import can be done. but i want this to be asynchronous.

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Judging from your requirements, I don't think Quartz will be needed. Quartz is a scheduler and what you need is a Spring asynchronous task execution facilities.

Essentially, what is done, upon first call of async bean, control is immediately returned and the called async bean is handed off to Spring's TaskExecutor which further on controls the execution of the given method logic.

High-level overview of your options is as follows: you will need to inject a TaskExecutor bean implementation into Spring context and your asynchronous method logic will have to somehow perform the handoff either by

  • (XML-config) wiring TaskExecutor as a collaborator inside your Spring bean containing method which you intend to execute asynchronously and calling execute() method of TaskExecutor, or
  • (annotation-config) by marking the intended method with @Async annotation. Be advised, TaskExecutor implementation must be injected into Spring context.

Also, take note that should you want to return something from your asynchronous task, the return type must be an implementation of Java's Future<T> interface, which is a requirement since TaskExecutor is built on java.concurrent.util.Executor interface.

I can't comment on Struts, though, as I've never worked with it, but as far as I can tell, Struts should have no part in realizing asynchronicity - the heavy lifting is done by Spring alone.

For a more thorough and complete look on mentioned subject, I suggest starting with the following links:

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Thank You very much. Your ans helped me a lot.:) – Jayashree Hegde Dec 15 '11 at 12:33
No problem, that's what we're here for. And if the answer did indeed help you, please feel free to accept to answer and upvote it :o) – Quantum Dec 15 '11 at 12:55

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