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I have to get the Table and Column name of the Foreign keys on Oracle, can anybody confirm the following statement?

SELECT a.table_name AS TableWithForeignKey, b.column_name AS ForeignKeyColumn 
FROM user_constraints a INNER JOIN user_cons_columns b 
ON (a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name) AND (a.table_name = b.table_name)
and a.constraint_type = 'R'

The Part I'm not sure about is the INNER JOIN Part (after ON):

(a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name) AND (a.table_name = b.table_name)

As I couldn't find something like constraints_ID, is this enought to match 1:1 rows from both tables user_constraints and user_cons_columns

Thank you.

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I use the

a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name

for joining the 2 views so, I think it's OK

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I had it like this at the begining but i was not really sure the constraint_name is unique, thats why i combined htis with the table name. do you know for sure that its unique? –  CloudyMarble Dec 9 '11 at 12:05
You can't have duplicate constraint names for a given user. Since the query is on user_constraints and user_cons_columns, you don't need to worry about duplicate names. If you were querying all_constraints, then it could be important. –  DCookie Dec 9 '11 at 15:47

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