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I am currently implemented a P2P data transfer application based on Libjingle, I want to do following simulations to verify the implementation:

  1. Simulate different types of NATs (full cone, port restricted cone, address restricted cone, symmetric cone)

  2. Simulate the network delay, packet loss.

  3. Simulate large scale P2P networks. Say, I want to deploy this application to 1000 nodes to test if the concurrently data transfer is well handled.

Is there any tools to help me to build such environment easily?

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There is no straight forward tool available to perform such type of task, though you may build such tools by utilizing the following :

*Virtual Boxes Or Virtual Instances or Amazon VPC etc, to simulate network

*OpenvSwitch , for various network automation

For NAT :

*You may use set of IP tables rules to prepare different types of NAT Boxes


*Directly buy different type of switch to test the NAT traversing.

For Network Delay /Packet Loss:

No concrete idea as of now.

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