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I have a query. I am able to display a single post from FB using JSOUP. From my HTML response from service using JSOUP, I am able to parse the data and display class contents in corresponding fields. Now I need to display these values in a listview.

I have a

  • Imageview to Display user image.
  • Textview to Display Username.
  • Textview to Display User message.

I need to generate the values of these fields into a listview. Initially I am trying to display a static value I've got in these fields into a listview.

How can I do that? A sample code will be of a great use.

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This question has been asked a million times –  dten Dec 9 '11 at 11:04

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There are lot of samples available for your question.

check the following links,

Custom ListView


Custom Listview with images

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