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I am trying to configure authentication in my Vaadin/Spring application deployed in JBoss AS 7, but I cannot find any documentation on this. I've managed to configure the application so that only authenticated user can use it. Here is a part of my web.xml:

        <web-resource-name>Vaadin application</web-resource-name>
        <description>The entire Vaadin application is protected</description>
        <description>Only valid users are allowed</description>

Now the application won't be displayed until the user is authenticated. What I expected was, that the user would be automatically redirected to the login form. I still have to configure the JBoss app server, but cannot find how. I used to work with JBoss 5, where this configuration was done in a login-config.xml file. Does anybody know hoe to configure the authentication REALM in JBoss 7 and make the Vaadin application redirect the user to the login form if he is not authenticated yet? Thanks for your help,

Bye, Filip

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First, a couple of questions - (1)what is happening when you try to access a resource, and (2)the security constraint covers/protects anything in the domain. But your login page is there too. Would you try limiting the url-pattern to something that wouldn't include the login page, like /myprotectedfolder/* instead?

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Thanks for your answer. I have already solved this. The problem was in the Spring application context configuration, which is a bit different from what I was used to. – Filip Majernik Jan 4 '12 at 17:23

I've found that FORM-based login is tricky in Vaadin, as Vaadin servlet is by default mapped to /*, which means that your login.jsp will also be handled by it. I implemented my login programmatically with the LoginForm, which seems like a nicer integration. However, it's not really what your question is about...

In JBoss AS 7 the configs moved to {jboss}/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml or {jboss}/standalone/configuration/domain.xml, depending on your setup. In most common cases it's standalone.xml. Here's the sample of my database-driven security domain:

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:security:1.0">
            <security-domain name="MySecurityDomain">
                    <login-module code="Database" flag="required">
                        <module-option name="dsJndiName" value="java:jboss/datasources/MyDS"/>
                        <module-option name="principalsQuery" value="SELECT PASSWORD FROM PRINCIPAL WHERE USERNAME=?"/>
                        <module-option name="rolesQuery" value="SELECT r.name, 'Roles' FROM role r, principal_role pr, principal p WHERE p.username=? AND p.user_id=pr.user_id AND pr.role_id=r.role_id"/>
                        <module-option name="hashAlgorithm" value="MD5"/>
                        <module-option name="hashEncoding" value="hex"/>

I hope this helps.

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