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In my ant script I have a situation like this:

    <exec executable="ssh" failonerror="true">
        <arg line="myuser@somewhere"/>
        <arg line="sh my-script.sh" />

the script "my-script.sh" is in /home/myuser on the "somewhere" server.

this script contains a statement "sudo -S ...." so everytime I run the ant script I got:

[exec] sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

How can I avoid that?

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You need some setting at the server. Sudoers Manual says


    If set, sudo will only run when the user is logged in to a real tty. When this flag is set, sudo can only be run from a login session and not via other means such as cron(8) or cgi-bin scripts. This flag is off by default.

(This question is more suitable and possibly already answered in superuser.com/serverfault.com. Infact http://serverfault.com/questions/111064/sudoers-how-to-disable-requiretty-per-user is somewhat close to your question)

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