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I would like to use Teleric MVC components and knockout. I found good example how to use it http://www.telerik.com/community/forums/aspnet-mvc/grid/compatibility-with-knockout.aspx

But i have a littel bit other task, when I change some value of knockout object inside of java-script function, teleric contol get this value but don't re-drow UI values. Teleric show new value just if user click on control. Does any one have any idea how to update teleric controls in my case ?

  //Show selected information
    function ShowKioskSettings(newDataFromAjaxcall) {
        viewModel.Somevalue = newDataFromAjaxcall.Somevalue;

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I findout solution, calling $("input:text").focus(); in the end of function. but any way it looks like Telerik issue.

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