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Do anybody know how the google map bound calculation can be done without using any UI element and Javascript.

I have set of points and different zoom level. I can probably add the screen size and I need to calculate the bounds for provided coordinate and zoom level. I am trying to do this in the plain C# code.

Please help.

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cleaner solution would be to do it in javascript using api and maybe then ajax to comunicate with the server,... – TMS Dec 9 '11 at 13:05

as for calculating bounds - you can do it easily by walking array of your coordinates and extend bounds rectangle if point falls out. First coord is a start. I don't familiar with C# but there is the algo using pseudocode:

points = Array of coord(lat, lng)
bounds = object {
  top: null
  left: null
  right: null
  bottom: null

  function extend(coord: (lat, lng))
    if ( == null) // empty
    { =; this.bottom =;
      this.left = coord.lng; this.right = coord.lng;
       if (coord.lng < this.left) this.left = coord.lng;
       if ( < this.bottom) this.bottom =;
       if (coord.lng > this.right) this.right = coord.lng;
       if ( > =;

But of course much simplier way is to use already written google functionality. Zoom level can be calculated somehow from the size of bounding box (for example you can find a table with rates in km or miles per pixel, or approximate width or map), but most comfortable way is map.fitBounds(bounds)

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