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I have a vocabulary call jobs, I have multiple terms 'Doctor', 'Teacher', 'Bus Driver'

Is there no way yo output this list using views? I have tried terms and all terms. I just get a blank output:

All terms:
All terms:
All terms:
All terms:

All terms:

I could write a module to do this but want a quick way to list them. Am I missing something? I am not as experienced with D6.

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When you are first creating a View, you get to pick the type of view. Most often you'll pick Node, but in your case you should pick Term. That way you'll be creating a list of Terms.

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That worked first time! As I said think D7 has done away with this now. You saved me a fair chunk of time. Thanks. –  LeBlaireau Dec 12 '11 at 9:55

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