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I have simple script:

awk '{print $'$column'}'

When I run:

ls -la | ./

I receive:

awk: {print $}
awk:         ^ syntax error

Why? All seems correct.

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It is not very clear what you want the script to do.

The cause of this error is that you are not passing any arguments to the script. As a result $1 is empty.

You need to pass the column number that you want to print:

ls -la | ./ 1

Will print the permissions column which is in column 1.

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You are not passing an argument to, so $1 is the empty string. Perhaps you meant to do:

ls -a | while read name; do ./ $name; done
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awk has a facility to pass shell variables into awk so you don't have to play quoting games with your awk script:

awk -v "column=${1:-1}" '{print $column}'

I use the shell's "default value" mechanism to provide a default value of 1 if no parameter is given.

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