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I have a curious problem:

I'm sending a video file (3gp) to the smartphones browser. Unfortunately the opening of the file fails with the message the media is corrupted. So i investigated my code and came up to the following:

I have a conditional state to check a variable. If I access this variable in the if-statement the download fails. If I only return true it works. So before the download I do a lot of checks. The last check looks like this:

private function Commit($transactionGuid)
        //Perform the commit process
        $result = $this->_client->Commit(array('TransactionGUID' => $transactionGuid, 'Service' => $this->_service));
    catch (SoapFault $result)
        //TODO: Provide some error handling
        return false;

    $code = $result->CommitResult->Nr;

    return true /*($code == 0)*/;

As you can see the function performs a SOAP request. I looked up the result and everything is fine here. The request responds with a CommitResult object, which has the property Nr. This property gives an 0 if everything is fine. So if I run the code like above the download works. But if I say return ($code == 0); it fails on mobile devices (Blackberry, Android and IPhone).

Has anybody an idea of what I'm doing wrong?

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What is the output of var_dump($result->CommitResult->Nr) ? –  JRL Dec 9 '11 at 14:11

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Are you sure the value of Nr is 0 and not "0"? If it's returning it as a string that could be your problem.

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I also checked that, the result of var_dump($result->CommitResult->Nr) is int(0) –  Felix Göcking Dec 9 '11 at 17:17

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