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I'm using fabric to launch a command on a remote server.
I'd like to launch this command as a different user (neither the one connected nor root).

def colstat():
  run('python manage.py collectstatic --noinput')


def colstat():
  sudo('-u www-data python manage.py collectstatic --noinput')

Oviously this won't work because -u will be considered as a command and not an option of sudo

out: /bin/bash: -u : command not found

(www-data is the user which should run the command)
How can I use www-data to run my command from Fabric ?

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Worth noticing that I think an application should not require sudo privilege. I think we should always be able to deal with stuff like ACLs. – Pierre de LESPINAY Oct 24 '13 at 9:07
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Judging from the documentation:

sudo('python manage.py collectstatic --noinput', user='www-data')


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Thank you, I didn't see this part in the doc. Especially since it's documented with almost my example case :( Sorry – Pierre de LESPINAY Dec 9 '11 at 12:55

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