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I have a String, which I want to split into parts using delimeter }},{". I have tried using:

String delims="['}},{\"']+";
String field[]=new String[50];

But it is not working :-( do you know, what expression in delims should I use?

Thanks for your replies

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Do you need the double quotes " in the delimiter? –  Peter Lawrey Dec 9 '11 at 13:16
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If the delimiter is simply }},{ then subResult.split("\\}\\},\\{") should work

String fooo = "asdf}},{bar}},{baz";
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A { is a regex meta-character which marks the beginning of a character class. To match a literal { you need to escape it by preceding it with a \\ as:

String delims="}},\\{";
String field[] = subResult.split(delims);

You need not escape the } in your regex as the regex engine infers that it is a literal } as it is not preceded by a opening {. That said there is no harm in escaping it.

See it

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You should be escaping it.

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You could be making it more complex than you need.

String text = "{{aaa}},{\"hello\"}";
String[] field=text.split("\\}\\},\\{\"");
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Pattern p = Pattern.compile("[}},{\"]");        
// Split input with the pattern
String[] result = p.split(MyTextString);
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