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I am taking a picture in Android (2.3 and greater) that takes a picture using camera.takePicture(). It works great, but I get weird behavior on different devices. On my Nexus One, the image I captured stays frozen for a few seconds before reverting to the preview. On my Transformer, it reverts to the preview almost immediately.

For now, a workaround would be to call camera.stopPreview() in the onShutter() event, but that's still a bit weird, since it's not showing the photo you took, it's showing what the preview saw a split second after you took the picture. On the Transformer, you can even see it "freeze-move-freeze" as it freezes for a split second after taking the picture, starts moving again, then gets to onShutter and freezes when I call stopPreview().

Does anyone know of a setting somewhere, or some code I could call, that would tell the camera how long to hold onto that image before restarting the preview? Or better yet, have it not automatically release the preview at all, and wait until I call startPreview?

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