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I'm working an a system with embedded Linux (Kernel 2.6.31).
It is a AT91SAM9G20 chip inside, and some of the Pins are forwarded to the outside.
Now I want to use them as GPIO Inputs.
I read the gpio.txt documentation about using the GPIOs via filesystem, and that works very well 'til here. I connected some switches to the gpio-pins and I can see the result in /sys/class/gpio/gpioX/value. But now I'd like to react on a change without busy-waiting in a loop. (i.e echo "Switch1 was pressed").
I guess I need Interrupts here, but I couldn't find out how to use them without writing my own Kernel-Driver. I'm relativly new to Linux and C (I normally program in Java), so I'd like to handle the Interrupts via sysfs too. But my problem is, that there is no "edge"-file in my GPIO directory (I guess because this is only since Kernel version 2.6.33+). Is that right? Instead of "edge" I've got a "uevent"file in there, which is not described in gpio.txt
In the gpio.txt documentation there was a Standard Kernel Driver mentioned: "gpio_keys". Is it possible to use this for my problem?
I guess it would be better to work with this driver than allowing a userspace-programm to manipulate in Kerneltasks. I found a lot of codesnippets for writing a own driver, but I wasn't even able to find out which of the 600 gpio.h files to include, and how to refer to the library (cross compiler couldn't find the gpio.h file).

Sorry for newbe questions, I hope you could give me some advices.

Thanks in advance

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See https://www.ridgerun.com/developer/wiki/index.php/Gpio-int-test.c for an example on how to do that. Basically, the thing you're missing is the usage of the select or poll system calls.

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even when there is no "edge" file to write whether to liste to rising or falling flanks? I can just use "poll" to get my interrupt? –  Tom Mekken Dec 16 '11 at 10:48
okay now i tried the example with poll, but as I expected there is a error, because no "edge" file exists, and exactly after I started the program the prompt says: "poll() GPIO 82 interrupt occured" (even if I hadn't clicked the switch). But after that prompt nothing happens anymore, even when I push the button I connected with GPIO 82 (no prompt about any further interrupts). Is it because the "edge" file? Can I easily create it? –  Tom Mekken Dec 19 '11 at 10:25

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