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In our student portal , after student signs into the system we want to display his twitter accounts feeds ( whatever the tweets he gets when he signs into his twitter account,all his follower tweets ) in addition to the other system functionality

I was not knowing any thing about twitter and never used it . I created account two days ago and through some applications I got oauth_token_secret and oauth_token of the created account .

Do we have any java script or Jquery that takes oauth_token_secret and oauth_token that displays all his follower tweets ? At this level we are OK in providing straight forward plain oauth_token_secret or oauth_token or direct username and password

I looked at the widgets mentioned at http://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets . But they are only to display on public sites and they don't display user follower tweets

Thanks for your help on this



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You will need to look at the API call home_timeline to get this working. There are a few JS libraries which will handle Twitter OAuth for you, although it would be wise to handle this via your app itself. Roughly speaking, you need to:

The details of how all of this works will depend on your server framework, etc. It's not that hard if you can use one of the many 3rd-party libraries out there that handle this work for you.

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Thanks for the hints and I will check them –  Bujji Dec 9 '11 at 18:23

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