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Is there a plugin which will work in the same way as grep, but display the results in a temporary window like :spell does for suggestions?

So, :grep 'foo' /foo/bar// But displaying the list of matching lines in a temporary window as a reference rather than to be edited?

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Also, could this be done in the same manner as the Visual Search function? Highlight text to be searched for in visual mode, then search through the project and display with quickfix? @lucapette – FMcC Dec 9 '11 at 15:17

After grepping with :grep 'foo' /foo/bar/ just issue the :copen command. This will open the quickfix window. After you are done you can close it easily with :cclose.

You can move through the list with :cnext and :cprev. I suggest mapping these to make it easier. I use Tim Pope's unimpaired plugin with provides [q and ]q mappings to move though the quickfix list.

For more help

:h cope
:h ccl
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Use Ack.vim. It runs ack to search in your project and does exactly what you need using the quickfix window . I recommend you to install the latest version of ack if you're going to try it.

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