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Right now I have a WIX 3.5 project that lives in my VS 2010 solution. It works great and compiles down to 1 MSI.

What I want is to have the 1 project potentially compile down to 2 MSI's. One of the MSI's references a .NET 3.5 DLL that it is installing into the GAC, and the other MSI references a .NET 4.0 assembly that it is also installing into the GAC.

That way I can give the .NET respective MSI's to those depending on what framework they are on.

Is this possible?

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Depending on your preference, you can either:

In this Solution panel/Project tree, have two separate projects; a .Net 3.5 and 4.0 projects, with the projects sharing files but different includes/build options.


Under the Build tab, pick "Configuration Manager" and "New", using the option to copy the current build to a new configuration. This is similar to having a Release/Debug version. Here's an overview of this option: MSDN overview of VS Configuration Manager

The advantage of the first method is the solution pane shows clearly that there are two builds (but its sort of redundant). The second is a bit cleaner, but a bit more hidden (and I'm pretty sure, you can only set the active project to build one configuration at a time).

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