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I have searched in vain for a straightforward example of calling a web service requiring SSL authentication and that has a self-signed certificate. I already have the code to be able to trust all certs, so you don't need to provide that. Just a simple example of being able to provide to the service the authentication parameters - username, password, and any other authentication-related parameters, transports, and headers necessary to authenticate successfully and make use of the service. Right now I am using Axis 1.4. Your responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Have you tried this?

You'll need to initialise your socket factory from an SSLContext that trusts this particular self-signed certificate.

Alternatively, you could import this specific certificate in your trust store (cacerts in your JRE directory), or import it into a copy of this file and use it as a global trust store by pointing the system property to it (the default password is changeit).

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