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I have read "Modern C++ Design"
and I have a question in its sample code

in p278 p279
or refer to Loki's source if you don't have the book
BasicDipatcher::Add and BasicDispatcher::Go in MutilMethods.h

in page p278 bottom to p279 up
it has a piece of sample code

typedef BasicDispatcher<Shape> Dispatcher;
void HatchRectanglePoly(Shape& lhs, Shape& rhs) {...}
Dispatcher disp;
disp.Add<Rectangle, Poly>(HatchRectanglePoly);

I found in function Go, its arguments are BaseLhs&, BaseRhs&
which in this case, should be Shape&, Shape&

and in function Add, its arguments are SomeLhs&, SomeLhs&,
which in this case, should be Rectangle&, Poly&

so the key won't match anyway because they are different

therefore the callback(HatchRectanglePoly) won't be called
(If I add disp.Go.... in the samele code),
and instead, a std:runtime_error will be thrown

Am i correct??


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hope you can paste more code here, such as the declaration of Add and Go –  zchenah Dec 9 '11 at 16:33
source can be found in loki doc –  allstars.chh Dec 11 '11 at 12:43

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