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I have a frame-by-frame animation and I want to set a specific frame when the stop method has been called. I searched a lot but I haven't found what I was serching for.

Does this method exists? Is it possible to do that?

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Use this method on your AnimationDrawable: animationDrawable.selectDrawable(index)

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This does not seem to do anything at all for me. I have 7 frames in my animation, it starts out at frame 0 and when I do myAnimation.selectDrawable(5) for example it does not change at all. –  flexd Sep 12 '13 at 7:54
AnimationDrawable animationDrawable = (AnimationDrawable)frameImage.getBackground(); animationDrawable.stop(); animationDrawable.selectDrawable(0); This is my code –  muyiou Sep 13 '13 at 7:40

Assuming that frame-by-frame means AnimationDrawable given in the background of an ImageView. Like that (or via xml):

        AnimationDrawable animationDrawable = new AnimationDrawable();
        animationDrawable.addFrame(drawableFrame1, 0);
        animationDrawable.addFrame(drawableFrame2, 1);
        animationDrawable.addFrame(drawableFrame3, 2);
        animationDrawable.addFrame(drawableFrame4, 3);
        iv = new ImageView(this);

Here is the code to retrieve a given frame and set it to the background of the ImageView

      onStop() {
            Drawable drawableFrame2 = ((AnimationDrawable)iv.getBackground()).getFrame(2);
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I would like to re-use the animation. The stop method that I use is the stop method of the AnimationDrawable class, not the onStop() –  miroku Dec 12 '11 at 11:53

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