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I have a model named "Carrier." In my controller, when I do a Carrier.create(data), I get this error:

OCIError: ORA-02289: sequence does not exist: select carriers_seq.nextval id from dual

This is my code in my controller:

class CarriersController < ActionController::Base
    def index

    def update
        @params["carriers"].each do |id, data|
            if Carrier.exists?(data["id"])
                carrier = Carrier.find(data["id"])
        redirect_to( :action => "index" )

I've done some googling, and I found these two webpages about a solution:

Where should I be putting the code for the ActiveRecord? Should it be going in my model?

Is there another solution to my error?

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I don't know about ruby but it surely has been configured or programmed to use the database sequence carriers_seq. (A sequence is sort of a number generator)

How about creating this sequence in the database? try to execute the following statement in Oracle SQL*Plus:

create sequence CARRIERS_SEQ;
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You can also specify which sequence should be used by self.sequence_name command.


CarriersController < ActionController::Base
  self.sequence_name = 'seq_id'
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How can I disable the sequence, I don't want use the sequence to generate my primary key. I want to manage it by myself. – Chris Apr 1 '13 at 1:51

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