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How do i get form data from HTML page using c++ ,as far as the basics of post and get?

EIDT1: CGI using apache 2 on windows, i got c++ configured and tested with with apache already.

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In which settings? CGI? WSGI? FCGI? Apache, IIS? Do give us a hint. – Elazar Leibovich May 10 '09 at 8:17
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The easiest way to access form data from an HTTP request is via CGI. This involves reading environment variables which is done using the getenv function.

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First of all take a look at webtoolkit.
You might want to use that to make your life easier.
Second you can read about network protocols.
Third take a look at your webserver docs, they might provide such interface to create a deamon that will allow you to read the HTTP socket and the data that is sent over it.

On another note next time you write a question try to elaborate as much as possible.
Explain the use case and provide a test case.

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You may use CgiCC library that gives you want you are looking for. You may also try some C++ web framework like CppCMS.

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