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I'm facing this peculiar problem in my silverlight app. I have a Canvas that has a few Path elements. I need to load another UIElement on top of one of these Path elements. I have the code for it and it is all set.

The only problem I am facing is that I cannot update the Height and Width of these Path elements.

I was wondering if I could do something like this,

    (Path) this.canvas_name.Children[index].Height = height_of_a_UIElement;
    (Path) this.canvas_name.Children[index].Width  = width_of_a_UIElement;

It seems like even though I cast it I cannot access these properties.

Could anyone please help me?


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Check the datatype in Visual studio by pressing ctrl+shift+space when the cursor is between square brackets.It will help you to cast properly –  Joymon Dec 10 '11 at 6:55

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You are casting the Height and Width properties, instead of the Path objects. Try this:

((Path) this.canvas_name.Children[index]).Height = height_of_a_UIElement;
((Path) this.canvas_name.Children[index]).Width  = width_of_a_UIElement;
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I cannot believe I was doing that! Thank you so much RobSiklos!! –  Hsarp Dec 9 '11 at 22:18

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